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Natural hair extensions - iExtensions

iExtensions is a product with a unique gripping system, invented and patented in Romania, which does not damage the hair in any way. The iSpider grip system is handcrafted, ensuring a perfect and comfortable hold. The hair extensions are made from the highest quality natural hair, which is carefully selected and treated to preserve its natural appearance. They can be worn daily or occasionally, and can be easily removed and reapplied at any time.

iExtensions is the perfect accessory for a quick and easy makeover. With their help, you can get the long, voluminous, shiny hair you've always dreamt of.

*iExtensions are suitable for all hair lengths, including short hair.

130-150g extensions

If you want to add extra volume to your hairstyle, extensions in this category are the ideal choice. With their help, you'll achieve fuller, more attractive hair that will boost your self-confidence.

These extensions can also be used to achieve extra length, especially if you have fine hair that is thinning towards the ends. The result will be a natural and harmonious look.

150-180g extensions

If you want both volume and spectacular length, this category of extensions is the one for you. Our team of experts will consider your haircut, length and current volume to create a special, balanced hairstyle.

Extensions in this category will completely transform your hair, giving it a bouncy and enviable look.

180-200g extensions

If you have medium length hair, these extensions are the perfect answer to freshen it up and add more volume and length. Your hairstyle will take on new life with impressive density and a bouncy look.

Our team of experts will consider every detail to ensure a harmonious and natural result.

230g extensions and above

For a sensational transformation, nothing compares to our premium extensions of over 230g!

Whatever your hair type, you'll get a look straight out of the world of the stars of the red carpet.

With a variety of styling and hairstyling options, you'll be able to conquer any event with confidence and grace.

If you're looking for high-quality, natural hair extensions that make you feel beautiful and confident, please contact us for a personalized consultation.

Our experts will recommend the best extension option for you based on your needs. They will take into account your hair type, volume, length, thickness, haircut and personal style to ensure you get the look you want.

iExtensions are handmade and are available in a variety of colours, lengths and styles. Once the extensions have been selected, they will be washed and coloured (if required). Then each extension will be dried, cut and styled individually.

Afterwards, iExtensions will be delivered to you ready to wear.


50 cm
60 cm
70 cm
130 g
960 USD
996 USD
1026 USD
150 g
1026 USD
1065 USD
1095 USD
180 g
1203 USD
1236 USD
1272 USD
200 g
1272 USD
1305 USD
1341 USD
230 g
1446 USD
1482 USD
1587 USD
250 g
1514 USD
1551 USD
1654 USD
280 g
1689 USD
1761 USD
1830 USD
300 g
1761 USD
1830 USD
1899 USD

*the prices include worldwide shipping

Acesta este un website de prezentare dedicat, creat pentru a oferi produse personalizate pentru fiecare client în parte.

Comenzile se efectuează exclusiv online, prin intermediul WhatsApp, unde te vei consulta cu un specialist iExtensions, pentru a stabili impreună gramajul, lungimea și culoarea extensiei tale.



This is a dedicated showcase website, created to offer customized products for each individual customer.

Orders are made exclusively online, through WhatsApp, where you will consult with an iExtensions specialist, to determine the weight, length and color of your extension.



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